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How to correctly personalise call centre interactions

In the call centre, it is becoming increasingly important to personalise communication, allowing consumers to feel cared for and creating rapport that will boost loyalty. However, many people struggle with how they can personalise interactions without losing their professionalism. Luckily, there are many ways that telephone answering services agents can accomplish this task.

First, technology can help, and call centres that have an integrated CRM system make it far easier for agents to personalise calls. For example, when customers call, a pop-up screen can provide details, instantly allowing agents to draw relevant information such as previous sales data. Having all agent tools in a single application also helps, although the consumer might not know it. This helps avoid wasting time, thereby enhancing the customer experience. CLI recognition technology can also be used to route consumers to the same agent every time they call, providing continuity in care.

Other ways to personalise calls can focus on the actual interaction itself. CLI recognition can spotlight people’s preferred name, allowing agents to instantly build rapport. Frontline agents should be empowered to help consumers as much as they can, helping to establish great customer care, whilst callers can have personalised music and announcements in their queues.

Ensuring consumers feel comfortable with interactions is extremely important for call centres. By using both technology and agent training, the best care can be provided.

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