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How to build rapport with contact centre callers

One of the most important abilities for call centre agents to have is to be able to build an instant rapport with customers.  Being able to find a level ground with people enables agents to quickly get to the root of an individual’s problems and put steps in place to solve it.  There are a number of ways that rapport can be built, and telephone answering services employees should be trained to use these effectively.

It is very important for call centre agents to be adaptable in their approach to conversations, and customers should not be treated with a blanket approach.  Every caller is different, and though their problems may be similar, it is vital to ensure that a personal spin is being placed on every call.  A great technique to calm disgruntled individuals is to use a “pace and lead” approach.  At the start of a call, agents should show confidence, concern and urgency to match a caller’s own temperament.  As the call progresses, agents can slow their speech patterns.  This helps to build rapport and indicates to customers that their problem is being worked on.

Being a call centre agent often means dealing with a lot of angry customers.  In such a circumstance, it is best just to let a caller vent their problems.  Agents can use this time to think about how to fix an issue, whilst not riling a caller further.  Finally, recapping on what people have said is also a good idea as it shows people that agents are listening.

There are many ways to build rapport, and these are just a few examples.  For agents who have to build rapport extremely quickly, it is important to support training to develop such skills.

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