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How to build consumer loyalty

Building consumer loyalty can be extremely difficult in the modern era. With so many options open to people, it only takes one negative experience for customers to jump ship and move to a competitor. Whilst some companies continue to chase new leads, focusing on existing customers is also a good idea. There are several good ways that call centres can increase loyalty.

Good customer services goes a long way in building a relationship with clients. Ensuring that the best care is given, even in negative situations, is essential. Customers have to be treated with respect at all times, with telephone answering services agents taught not only how to swiftly resolve a call, but also to take a step back and listen to requests. If possible, feedback should be taken, with questions about negative service asked so that problematic areas can be improved.

On the technological side of things, there are also many solutions and business features that can help build loyalty. For example, the multichannel approach is becoming increasingly important, providing customers with a way to contact their favourite brands via Facebook, WebChat, Twitter and email in addition to over the phone. Being available on many platforms reduces customer effort and increase engagement, both of which can influence loyalty.

Finally, avoiding false promises and always completing any task offered is essential, helping customers feel their call centre cares.

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