GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

How to be the best call centre you can be…

It’s not by luck that in Go Response’s relatively short lifetime we have already grown to become one of more successful UK call centres offering a range of business call centre services to a variety of clients.

There is no magic recipe for success, but there are a number of key ingredients that together provide the foundation for fruitful fruition. Here at Go Response, from our virtual PAs to our 24 hour office support staff, we demonstrate our core company values in our day-to-day activities. Mixed together with the ingredients listed below, whilst not magic, the Go Response recipe really does work…

Professionalism – Our call handling and corporate reception services mean we are often the the first point of contact for our clients’ customers. It is therefore imperative we represent their brand as diligently as we would our own. All our agents receive extensive training and support providing them with the skills and knowledge required to deliver the professional service our clients have come to expect.

Value for money & quality of service – Our services offers clients fantastic value for money but  this does not mean we compromise on quality. Our value and top quality services are an essential part of our customer call centre services.

Longevity and aiming high – By establishing long term relationships with our clients we believe both parties benefit; we get the time to really get to know them and develop the right service and brand knowledge, and our clients are secure in the knowledge their potential sales calls will be handled by experienced agents who know the clients product or services as well as they do.

Up-selling – Our telemarketing and telesales services do not engage in pushy sales techniques but listen to the customer and make relevant suggestions of additional purchase. At Go Response our track record for increasing sales and booking potential appointments speak for themselves.

Working together – Our culture of working in partnership with our clients ensures the most appropriate service delivery is designed to get the results desired.  We have a working culture of being open and giving regular feedback to our clients, enabling the client to influence our working methodology and for us to influence theirs.  Our success is measure by your success and we believe that working in partnership is the only way to achieve the best results.

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