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How telephone answering services can support small businesses

Telephone answering services can play a crucial role in helping small businesses adapt and thrive during the early stages of development.  Small businesses, typically with a maximum of three members of staff, often struggle to devote the required time to answering incoming telephone calls.  This can have a negative impact on growth as new business enquiries are lost and sales potential falls.  Outsourcing your telephone answering services to a leading call centre can alleviate these early worries.

Small businesses must make profits immediately to survive so it can be difficult to know what areas to streamline while ensuring your customers remain content with your service.  Answering the calls of clients and other potential customers is critical but employing a dedicated member of staff to the role is both unproductive and a drain on resources.  A professional telephone answering service offers a range of benefits including the reduction of overheads and maintenance costs and increased customer satisfaction.  Customers now crave convenience and communications with a human touch.  Outsourcing your requirements will ensure that they will not have to deal with the frustrations of answering machines and will always be speaking to a real human being.

Telephone answering services are also flexible and can be adapted to suit the differing requirements of each client.  For example, a business may only need to outsource calls made over the weekend or out of hours.  Leading service providers can tailor a complete strategy for your business.  Integrating this with other forms of communication will provide a platform for long-term growth.

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