GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

How Telephone Answering Helps Small Businesses

In today’s current climate around half of the UK’s small business owners are struggling to find funds to cover holidays. A quarter of these small business owners/managers are foregoing a holiday for a second year, but an unlikely option in outsourcing could make their holiday possible.

There are a myriad of reasons why those involved in small businesses may not be able to go on holiday. They may be strapped for cash, do not have the time, and do not have an employee they feel comfortable leaving in charge, and so on. Telephone answering services can help with part of a small business owner’s worries.

Call centres cannot answer every problem in a small business, but they can answer a few of them such as finding extra cash and having employees to cover the business. Closing down a small business is not an option, especially if it is an online business. With IT and call centre services, consumers can at least be taken care of while a business owner is on holiday. The call centre can field customer calls to inform the person when they can expect their goods, process the emails that come in, and answer any other queries.

Call centres also tend to save money, enabling a business to outsource to a centre that has the technology that the business cannot normally afford. In our example, a good manager would be able to take holiday leave, or the business owner could close up shop for a week and feel confident their consumers have a line to the company should they need it.

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