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How social media should be effectively used in call centres

Call centres are increasingly being told to use social media if they are to connect with consumers in a modern way.  However, many managers are at a complete loss as to how they should approach this increasingly popular communication channel.  Care must be taken by telephone answering services to ensure they get it right; otherwise negativity could ensue.

One of the most important things when it comes to social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter, is not to ignore consumers.  Consistency is key, and if call centres respond to one individual, they must do so for everyone. The quickest way to upset someone on social media is to ignore them, and this creates negativity before customer care even has a chance to start.

Another important point for call centres to remember is that just because consumers contact them via social media, it does not mean problems have to be sorted out over these channels.  In many cases it might be quicker and cheaper to respond by email or phone.  Once a quick response has been given to consumers, follow up the complaint or issue by communicating with people through alternative private channels.

Finally, for all companies looking to get to grips with social media, it is vital that the customer care department is involved and not just marketing.  There must be a clear process for using company channels, providing consumers with a high quality service to rely on.

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