GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

How conversation analytics can benefit call centres

There are numerous tools that call centres can use to boost their effectiveness.  One of these is conversation analytics; software that allows experts to pull data from communication and work out what consumers really want.  For telephone answering services using this tool, there are many benefits.

One of the best reasons for having conversation analytics is that call centres can discover why consumers are calling.  This is essential to address client needs and reduce overall traffic.  Text and speech analytics tools can be used to identify the reasoning behind calls, allowing companies to develop self-service options or fix problems with products or services that could be resulting in high call volume.

Another advantage of such software is that efficiency and quality of an agent’s work can be improved.  Speech analytics have the ability to overcome problems seen in Quality Management systems and remove human subjectivity.  This effectively results in all calls being evaluated the same way for accurate data.

Improved efficiency and better data also can increase the productivity of sales, cross-selling and up-selling.  An increasing number of call centres are engaging selling techniques to gain extra income from existing clients.  Conversation analytics can be used to evaluate which selling techniques suit specific situations, helping agents and managers to understand where and when to utilise particular skills.

Overall, text and speech analytic tools can be extremely useful.  In an era when customer service is everything, managing to sell to consumers whilst addressing their needs is very important.

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