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How Call Centres can Help Retailers

Competition provides heavy pressure on businesses.

Competition in most industries is putting pressure on companies to differentiate themselves in any way they can. A good example of a highly competitive industry is bookstores. Bookstores all have similar book titles, same authors, and even the same price on the books. How do you think they differentiate themselves from each other?

It started out slowly with some companies offering coffee and a nice place to sit and read a book while they drank it. Suddenly, more and more bookstores, including the small privately owned stores, had to add in coffee and seating. A few began to get online and before you knew it almost every bookstore was selling their books on the internet.

Bookstores now have to rely on customer service as a means to differentiate themselves from the competition. Bigger corporations can often provide more e-Books, more books in the store, and a host of other options such as DVDs and CDs.

Calls centres are a way for your business to gain better customer service and separate yourself from the competition. At the beginning you may feel that your customer service in stores is good enough, but what happens to those using online resources? You may find that telephone answering services can provide a prompt response to simple questions and also the level of customer service the client wants while not in the store. Do not look at outsourcing just as a means of saving money or reducing costs, because it is more than that.

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