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How call centre software can boost business

Many call centres are predominantly focused on developing optimised consumer care to prolong loyalty and offer increased customer value. However, next-gen software also offers way to significantly boost business beyond simply having telephone answering services rectify people’s problems. This was noted by the largest wedding retailer in the US, who used Enghouse Interactive to grow its bottom line.

Speaking about the situation, Mandy Holmes revealed that by using Enghouse Interactive’s software, the wedding superstore has been able to better care for brides and grow its business as a result. Since rolling out the software, the firm has noted growth rates of 70 per cent.

One important feature has been the online chat option, which enables agents to drive sales without affecting call centre traffic. In addition, agents have been given the tools to book customer appointments at the stores of their choice, thereby reducing the workload on in-store agents, who can use the extra time to attend to brides and make sales.

With sales on the rise, an additional 25 agents had to be hired, which shaved 30 seconds off average handling time (AHT) whilst boosting agent performance and satisfaction.

This case study goes to show that new software is not always about simply attending to consumer problems and queries; it can also be used to grow a business as a whole. By taking all the potential benefits under consideration, turning to software such as that offered by Enghouse can be a great step forward and can reap multiple positive returns.

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