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How Breakdown Call Centres Dealt With The Snow

Demands for breakdown services have been at an all time high as temperatures plummeted across the UK with motor recovery

call centres

on red alert as agents tried to handle the influx of calls from stranded motorists.

The AA, RAC, Kwik Fit and Green Flag all saw a spike in calls as snow and ice wreaked havoc to the UK road network. Vehicle recovery services found themselves under unprecedented pressure as call volumes increased with the added problem of getting their own employees to work.

The AA said between Thursday 17 December and 7 January 2010, 338,000 motorists had been rescued during what was the worst spell of cold weather for 30 years [see box]. The demand was over double the normal amount for this period as agents dealt with customers suffering battery, tyre, wiper and fuel problems as well as being stuck in snow.

The business’s centres dealing with breakdown calls in Oldbury, West Midlands and Cheadle, Manchester were hammered while insurance enquiries were also up at its centres in Newcastle and Cardiff.

Edmund King, AA president said: ‘In our entire history we have never been as busy as we were during that period. Our call centre staff and patrols have been working flat out. We have managed to deal with more than one third of a million call-outs in just a few weeks despite the horrendous conditions.’

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