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Hosted Call Centres are the Next Generation

Call centres in the cloud are quickly becoming the top option for outsourcing.

Call centres are well known cost savers in businesses allowing the employees and management to be optimised. In the last five years call centres have started turning towards cloud computing as a means to facilitate telephone answering services.

Cloud computing simply means that files and data can be saved in a virtual area rather than on a hard drive. In recent years this has been important for several reasons. Telephone calls can be routed through cloud computing technology such as VoiP in which the hosted call centre can answer the phone just the same as always but the data and the phone call are made with digital technology. It is one of the reasons that live chat can work out so well.

In this new age a business has to offer several methods of communication such as live chat, email, Twitter, Facebook and regular phone calls. People tend to use whatever is handiest when they are making a call to a business. Furthermore, they may only have one type of technology available such as a computer to make the phone call rather than a typical landline.

Nowadays, consumers are getting used to having access 24/7 to services, including a live person to chat with at a particular business. To make this happen new technology in call centres has to be used, such as hosted call centres using cloud computing. For data purposes it can also be beneficial.

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