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Hostcomm’s predictive dialler improved with new API

For all call centres, it is vital to have a good quality predictive dialler on hand to help with day-to-day processes.  Now, Hostcomm has revealed that it is adding a new and highly developed Application Programming Interface (API) to its technology to help companies become more efficient.

As part of the new dialler, telephone answering companies can connect the API with their CRM databases.  At the same time, costs can be cut, whilst efficiency in customer services, agent talk time and resource management are all improved.  Traditionally, CRM and predictive dialler integrations offer click to dial and pop-up screen options.  Whilst both of these processes are useful, they do not facilitate automatic workflow.

Hostcomm’s new dialler, however, utilises the latest API to automatically call contacts as they are loaded out of the CRM database.  In addition, follow-up tasks, such as building sales orders, scheduling call-backs or sending documents, can be automated, whilst call sheets can also be loaded directly from data lists and web forms.

Chris Key, Hostcomm’s director, said: “Putting Business Process Automation into practice does not need to be expensive, or complicated to implement.  ContactPro makes integration with legacy CRM systems easy, and, as a hosted solution, there is no capital expenditure required – just a single monthly fee.”  It is something that outsourced call centres might be interested at looking into if they want to improve performance.

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