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Hostcomm offers tech to avoid nuisance call fines

No nuisance callWith new legislation coming in to protect consumers from nuisance calls, it is now more important than ever for firms to ensure they are staying on the right side of the law. Call centres have to ensure that the people they contact don’t feel harassed or bothered. With this in mind, Hostcomm has developed new software to help telephone answering services understand what is classed as a nuisance call so they can ensure they are not making them.

New rules will mean that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will be given more power to intervene if it is revealed that a company is making nuisance calls. Fines are likely to be handed out, which means that businesses need to avoid harassing consumers not only to protect their branding but also their bank balance.

Many different circumstances can constitute a nuisance call, including calls made after 9pm, repeated silent calls, and cold calls to people who have registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). In the past, the ICO was only allowed to intervene when complaints were deemed to cause “substantial damage or substantial distress.” However, since April 6th, 2015, this clause has been removed from the rules, which means that the ICO can take action as soon as a consumer complaint is made.

Chris Key, Hostcomm’s director, explained “Every client wants to stay Ofcom-compliant, but the regulations are complicated. Often, it’s a lack of understanding that leads to so-called nuisance calls. We have always provided our predictive diallers pre-configured for Ofcom-compliance, so clients can start quickly. But we are now taking new steps to educate customers about the demands of compliance, and how to eliminate the risk of investigations

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