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Home working gives employee happiness a boost

Man in home office on telephone using computer and smilingFor any call centre that is struggling to give its staff a much-needed boost, allowing employees to choose flexible hours and work from home could be the answer. New research from Sensee shows that people who switch to home-based work spend more time caring for their families and are happier in general.

Telephone answering services are extremely lucky because it is relatively easy for them to hire remote workers and allow people to work from the comfort of their own homes. In fact, many of these employees will work more hours than the average staff member, and they will be more empowered and happier at the same time.

In the poll of home-based workers, 77 per cent said that the average day could be far more productive, including time with families, further education and exercise in addition to normal working hours. The time and money saved by not commuting allows many people to feel that they have more control over their lives.

Sensee Chief Executive Steve Mosser said: “Homeworking has progressed massively in the past five years. We’re at what we are calling the next generation of homeworking, or Homeworking 2.0. This is where all barriers associated with home working are removed, including the challenge of trust between an employer and employee. Critically, our ecosystem enables people to choose when they work, and employers have peace-of-mind that they are fully focused on work activities when they do.”

With numerous technologies available to help call centres establish a system of home workers, this can be the ideal way to improve the overall efficiency and happiness of staff.

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