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Home based Call Centres

Comparing offshore and home-based call centres for benefits.

Outsourcing to offshore call centres has been a topic for more than two decades, gaining ground in the last 15 years. It is possible now to keep jobs in the UK and still use telephone answering services in companies. It is true that outsourcing can lead to savings within a company. It makes the concept of using call centres very attractive; however, consumers tend to be unwilling to stay with favoured companies once they outsource to another country. It is more apparent when the economy is suffering and residents are losing their jobs because they blame these other countries for taking their jobs.

If you are worried about the image your company may project in order to use call centres, you should begin to consider the benefits of home-based call centres. These centres can help reduce consumer churn and increase your revenue.

You may also find you are able to provide an increase in salary to the employees you keep on your staff. You are going to definitely help your own economy by hiring in-country rather than allowing more jobs to go offshore. Quality of services will remain constant and most likely improve by hiring individuals who can speak English well and have the training needed for the call centre. Offering high quality service to your consumers is the most important factor, whether you own a business that has decided to outsource to India or to another UK-based company.

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