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High consumer effort results in customer declines

A new survey has shown that if people have to try too hard to interact with a company, they will stop using a service and switch to a competitor. The finding is something call centres must take seriously, adapting their processes as a result in order to make customer engagement as simple and easy as possible.

In the new Customer Contact Association (CCA) survey, it was found that eight out of ten people stopped interacting with a firm because it became too hard. Despite this, only 20 per cent of organisations actually take the time to rate customer effort, such as the amount of time invested or the level of frustration, and use it in their top three customer experience metrics.

The top metrics normally used by telephone answering services and other businesses are customer satisfaction, first contact resolution and the average handling time. After the survey, however, 80 per cent of organisations are now saying they will take consumer effort into consideration with a high priority, suggesting that tactics may be about to change.

The CCA’s chief executive, Anne Marie Forsyth, said: “Arguably, the customer service market does not yet have a fit for purpose approach to measuring customer effort. Our survey indicates that more organisations intend to use the measure alongside other metrics, but there isn’t a standard approach as to how the data is obtained or the rating system that would enable industry-wide benchmarking.”

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