GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Hidden aspects of using cloud computing

For many telephone answering services, utilising cloud computing to streamline business processes is the way forward. The cloud is here to stay, and companies will have to embrace it at one time or another. However, there are some hidden aspects of the cloud that aren’t always made clear, so call centres must educate themselves before getting started.

First, although the cloud can be a cheaper option than installing on-site software, there can still be hidden upgrade costs. Companies looking for a solution should look past setup and monthly fees to consider upgrade costs, which are often pricier. Meanwhile, whilst many businesses want to keep costs low, it is worthwhile to spend a little money on having multiple backups. This ensures that in the face of a disaster, businesses can quickly be brought back online.

Another factor with cloud computing is that call centres don’t have to completely throw out the old to embrace the new. The benefits of using the cloud can be provided via traditional phone lines, allowing companies to use cloud-only features such as mobile number screening without having to completely overhaul systems. In addition, cloud applications can run alongside on-site solutions. This means that companies can take advantage of the cloud’s vast range of benefits without having to lose any previous investments made into expensive on-site tools and business equipment. Such a hybrid system can often be rolled out more quickly, resulting in less stress and downtime for companies.

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