GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Help with product issues

Companies that have issues with products may need additional telephone answering services when product recall occurs.  This can be a difficult time for companies and will put a strain on company resources.  At times like this the brand image needs to be maintained in order to minimise the effects of the recall and ensure that business can continue as usual.

There are a number of options for companies here.  The call centre can simply offer an information gathering service, issue apologies and provide customers with information that they need, or it can be used to allocate engineer visits or similar call-outs.

In this particular instance the service provider needs to be capable and experienced.  Members of staff taking the calls need to be able to react quickly and properly to each enquiry.  Working with the client, the call centre will be able to advise on the type of resources needed, help with customer contact and media issues, work with all sections that are dealing with the issue and make recommendations to help the company to reach the desired conclusion.

In addition to this, the telephone answering service can put the client in touch with a range of other service providers that may be able to help.  This may include telecom services and other such providers.  In many cases a product recall is a last minute issue and everyone involved needs to move quickly in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion and deal with the recall with a minimum of upheaval.

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