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Help cards ideal for agents in need of team leader support

Man grabing a help sign.In the call centre environment, there are times when even the most experienced agents need help from their team leader. Unfortunately, telephone answering services workplaces can be loud and busy places, and sometimes someone might not be able to find the support they need quickly enough. This results in a distressed employee and can also damage brand reputation and customer satisfaction. The use of “help cards” can be an ideal way to attract a team leader’s attention.

Getting help when it is needed is vital to the call centre. When there is a problem, one easy way to attract a leader’s attention is with the use of brightly coloured help cards. These can be waved above a desk to signal for help without being confused for another gesture. Another more technological way is to harness the power of smartphones.

In a relaxed environment, a group chat on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, for example, could be set up. As a dedicated help channel, this could be used to attract a team leader’s attention if a call becomes difficult.

Another solution is the use of internal webchats. These can run in parallel to customer conversations, allowing team leaders to follow the issue in real time. It also allows colleagues to communicate with each other if a mishap occurs. For example, if a webchat gets cut off, agents can ask for consumers to be routed back to them upon reconnection.

Agents will always require some help in the call centre. By ensuring they are supported as quickly as possible, companies place themselves in the best position to succeed.

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