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Have you planned for seasonal peaks in your business?

There are often times during the calendar year when you need to adjust your business operations to cater for seasonal peaks and it is vitally important that you plan ahead so you can cope with this higher volume.  Optimising your call centre processes will ensure your business continuity is not affected so it is often best to enter a partnership with a leading telephone answering service.  These providers will offer overflow call coverage and other vital services that will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Tasks such as email management and phone order entry are the most problematic areas in the call centre during busy months of the year so make sure that all agents are briefed with a specific task list that prioritises functions such as order calls and order status.  If you have taken on new season hires, then implement a downsized training programme that relates to the important tasks specified.  Many companies have found this process has enabled them to cut down on their “on-boarding” times, which is ideal before peak season.  Hiring several experienced reps to help across the entire floor is another recommended strategy.  These “super-agent” reps can help new staff if any questions arise.

Reducing the amount of time an agent spends on a call is of paramount importance so make sure that you are measuring and communicating utilisation to each employee.  Assigning non-call tasks to another group and periodically switching the phone and non-call tasks will help reduce the onset of fatigue.  You must also ensure emails continue to be managed effectively.

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