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Have vision when developing customer experience

customerFor many modern call centres, the focus has been placed squarely on developing a smooth and entertaining customer experience. Consumers have come to expect a lot more from companies, and brands that fail to deliver can expect to lose business. For telephone answering services that want to offer the best services, it is essential to have vision.

Author TS Eliot once wrote “the journey not the arrival matters,” and this holds true when it comes to customer services. Whilst consumers do want to get a response to their enquiry, the way in which they contact call centres can have a great effect on their mood, not to mention the eventual outcome.

For example, a relatively happy customer who is simply contacting a brand for some advice and put through a frustrating journey can end up being turned off as a fan. Conversely, someone who calls with a frustration might experience such a good journey that they are more willing to listen to an agent’s suggested help and remain a loyal customer.

In the call centre environment, it is important to create great journeys for customers as well as employees. This allows everyone to work toward a successful customer experience. To help facilitate this, having a vision is important, whether it entails attaining a number one recognised spot for consumer care or putting measures in place to contribute positively to the everyday lives of customers. Even though the development of such an experience can be challenging, it can reward companies with increased business and branding.

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