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Harnessing the power of emotions essential for good customer experience

There is a lot of talk within the call centre industry about improving the customer experience. This is often accomplished by focussing on journey mapping and making people’s movement from point A to point B as quick and simple as possible. However, forgetting to make an emotional connection might undo any potential gains that an optimised journey could offer.

A study by neuroscientist Antonio Damasio discovered that people who lack the ability to feel emotions are unable to make decisions. Even though individuals can clearly identify what they should be doing, making even the simplest decision was a challenge. This shows that customer experience developers must tap into people’s emotional states if they want consumers to make decisions.

To act on this, call centres need to work on gaining emotional awareness of themselves and their customers. By understanding how and why people are connecting with a consumer journey, companies can better identify how to harness these emotions to provide a positive experience. This could be as simple as discovering why some people end their journey prematurely whilst others hang on for a resolution.

For telephone answering services, the customer experience should take into consideration the fact that consumers need to react emotionally to their journey and the products or services they are selecting. By finding ways to use emotions to meet or surpass customer expectations, brands can expect to boost satisfaction, advocacy and loyalty in their target audiences. In the long run, this can lead to a better business and an improved bottom line.

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