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Happy customers cultured though reduced effort

It was recently reported that Live Chat was becoming a big tool for call centres, helping to reduce customer effort and increase customer satisfaction. Reducing the amount of time and energy people have to put into contacting telephone answering services tends to lead to happier clients. For companies that are able to make doing business seem effortless, complaints are likely to fall.

The latest views come from Paul Thomas, an expert in the call centre industry and a professional who has spent years looking at consumer satisfaction. He fully believes that by reducing a consumer’s workload, even when it comes to making a complaint, a better experience can be created. Many people expect there to be problems and glitches from time to time; after all, a business can’t always be perfect. However, it is how these issues are handled that often causes the most complaints.

For example, if a financial institution notes a problem with its banking system, sending out an alert to clients with information on the issue and a planned fix time will often result in far fewer complaints than if the company waits for customers to contact them. Meanwhile, responding quickly to social media and Live Chat communication dramatically reduces the amount of time people have to spend on a problem and avoids them having to phone altogether. This often results in a better experience and satisfaction score.

Much of the work for modern call centres is about pre-empting problems and addressing them before consumers have to expend effort. By doing this, many customers can be kept happy even during a bad experience.

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