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Growing Information Risk In Call Centres


The volume of sensitive data which call centres are responsible for storing today continues to grow, with organisations now processing a significant amount of credit card details, personal information, financial records and eTransactions every day. However, many of these companies are not considering the risks and consequences associated with failing to protect sensitive information – from breaching government regulations and financial penalties to brand damage, which can result in a loss of stakeholder and customer confidence. In these already challenging economic conditions, any one of these scenarios alone could have a critical impact on a business.


Furthermore, the recession has heightened information risk due to the large number of redundancies being made, increasing the likelihood of call centre agents misusing data or even committing data theft for financial gain before leaving the company. Call centres need to swiftly address these concerns and treat electronic security with the same consideration as physical security. While agents require some level of access to customers’ sensitive information, this process should be carefully managed in accordance with roles and responsibilities as well as levels of authorisation, all of which need to be reviewed on a regular basis.

This issue was highlighted in the FSA’s last review of overseas centres*, which found a number of financial service institutions’ overseas centres engaged in inadequate data access practices, with some firms lacking any effective system for granting staff appropriate levels of access to information. It noted that in certain cases, access rights were not being reviewed or deleted promptly when employees left an organisation.


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