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Great ways to increase First Call Resolution

Young call-centre assistant.Over the past few years, metrics within the call centre have evolved substantially, with Average Handling Time (AHT) being replaced by First Call Resolution (FCR). This latter analytical tool helps to facilitate good customer services by ensuring that telephone answering services get their agents to solve people’s problems within a single contact. Several methods can be used to increase FCR rates.

Despite the need to remove scripting in call centres for better agent engagement and empathy, there is a requirement to provide additional structure if FCR rates are to be improved. This ensures that workers have done everything possible to guarantee that callers don’t need to contact firms again regarding the same issue. With this structure, it’s important to make sure employees are listening to customers properly so that the right support can be given.

Further up the chain, it is essential for all call centre team leaders to understand the roles their agents are carrying out. Poor FCR rates often boil down to managers not knowing an agent’s job and responsibility. This makes it harder to ensure the job is being done properly, and it also allows leaders to gently change business culture and behaviour for the better.

FCR is a metric that should be championed in the workplace as it focuses on getting problems fixed. This can also result in improvements in customer services quality.

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