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Great ways to improve First Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolution (FCR) is a metric often used by call centres, and for good reason; the more quickly companies help their customers, the better their business will be. For telephone answering services focussed on improving FCR, there are several simple steps to take.

One of the overriding reasons for reduced FCR is not related to the customer at all but rather the systems agents have to use. If employees have to navigate between multiple screens, it can affect customer service. The average agent spends 50 per cent of his or her time switching between screens, and by simply providing people with a unified and multi-channel customer desktop, FCR can be improved.

Training is also essential to keep employees on track and give them the best skills and tools to help consumers. If agents are educated, they can often deal with a customer’s queries and problems within a single call instead of having to pass them over to a colleague or phone them back another time. It is also a good idea to give call centre agents more responsibility. This allows workers to boost FCR rates whilst also gaining a sense of achievement when helping out customers in difficult positions.

Finally, using good technology, such as skills-based routing, is essential. In this example, callers are routed to the appropriate agent right away, avoiding the need to transfer calls and contact customers at a later date.

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