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Great ways to improve customer services

Modern call centres are constantly striving to improve their customer services, with companies realising that providing the best consumer care is one of the best ways to improve business. There are many ways for telephone answering services to optimise their care to clients, including asking for feedback and simplifying the contact process.

Feedback is a great way to improve existing customer services, but it has to be done in the right way. Instead of asking questions that only warrant a yes or no answer, get customers to rate a call centre on a sliding scale. In addition, this provides businesses with a clear indicator of how well they are doing. When it comes to feedback, it is vital to always thank the customer, even if their comments are negative.

Another important consideration when it comes to overhauling customer services is ensuring that the contact process is as easy as possible. First, providing self-service menus can help people get the information they want without speaking to agents. Routing callers through to the correct agent is also important as is providing the option of a callback.

Finally, empowering agents to take more action can really boost consumer care. Employees should be taught to ask themselves what’s right for the customer, what’s right for the business, and whether they are willing to take responsibility for an action. By asking these three questions, empowerment can take place, allowing staff to tackle customer care in a better way.

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