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Great ways to improve call centre email

EmailNew contact methods continue to diversify in call centres across the UK, and traditional postal and telephone communications are now joined by methods such as social media, webchat, and email. For telephone answering services that want to bolster their email offerings, there are some important things to bear in mind to ensure positive performance and consumer care.

First, in order to gain effective first contact resolution for email, it is important to gather essential information from the outset. For this reason, contact forms must be structured so that adequate data can be retrieved to sort queries or problems out quickly. It can be helpful to arrange forms into categories, simplifying the submission process for consumers. In addition, when it comes to the destination of emails, it is a good idea to use multiple inboxes. By having email diverted into complaints, technical difficulties, and upgrade options, agents can be given variety, thereby keeping staff happier.

Customer services are now very important for call centres, so ensuring that email templates are personalised when they are sent out is a good idea. Allowing agents to sign off with a personal touch assures consumers that they aren’t communicating with machines. Finally, an automated email should be sent out before customers are even contacted. This can help manage people’s expectations and give a timeframe for contact, thus reassuring customers that their query has been received and is being dealt with.

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