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Great ways to improve agent engagement and retention in call centres

Telephone ServiceCall centres are notorious for having high staff turnover rates. For the telephone answering services themselves, this is extremely costly in terms of time as well as monetary value. Recruiting and training cost money, and losing skilled agents can be a blow to resources. Companies that want to keep their staff engaged and happy should take a few important steps.

First, call centres might need to overhaul their existing operations to ensure they are focussing on agents. For example, if organisations set goals for their agents, it can have a debilitating effect. Staff actually work harder if they set their own targets, concentrating on hitting and going beyond their personal challenges.

Meanwhile, promoting from within is also crucial. This not only rewards top performers, but it also gives other members of staff something to strive for and shows them there are career progression opportunities.

Finally, it is essential to listen to people and take action on some of their feedback. Cross-functional focus groups with staff from a variety of departments and levels is also important. This allows workers to have their views heard and ensure they feel like they are part of an overall team.

Managing a workforce isn’t easy, and it can take a long time to learn the ropes. However, by focussing on agents, call centres can increase their retention rate. This will benefit business as well as customers.

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