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Great methods for staff motivation

"Motivate" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboardAt its very heart, a call centre relies on its agents. These people are answering or making consumer calls throughout their day, so it is vital they are motivated to do their best work. Motivation goes further than simply getting through a large volume of calls; it requires people to be engaged, enthusiastic, and positive when communicating to ensure only the best service is provided.

There are many ways that telephone answering services can boost agent motivation. It goes without saying that some of the best ways to motivate people is to give them a good incentive. This doesn’t have to entail a bonus scheme, but it can be accomplished by offering gifts and pubic acknowledgment. For example, managers could award bottles of champagne to the best agents of the week. Alternatively, if companies don’t want to single out individuals, call centres can place agents into teams and run a competition to see which group makes the most sales each week.

Providing workers with extra flexibility or pay are also good ways of motivating staff. In some call centres, “golden tickets” are awarded to those who turn up to work on time. Each ticket has a value and can eventually be cashed in for prizes, such as picking out holiday time off first or gaining an extra break. Meanwhile, agents with great sickness records could be provided triple or quadruple pay rates on important dates such as Bank Holidays or Christmas.

Thinking outside the box and understanding what agents really want is vital in order to provide the correct motivation. By ensuring that people are happy and enthused to work, a better workplace environment and performance can be achieved.

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