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Graduates work at call centres

Despite the bad reputation the outsourcing industry sometimes has, there is actually little truth to it. In fact, a study from 2010 showed that even call centres in the UK were hiring graduates as a means to supply the industry with proper workers. It means that when you hire a call centre for your telephone answering services you will find that in the UK, India, the Philippines, China and South Africa many of these workers have graduated from a university.

Some of the workers have found themselves working at call centres as a means of obtaining work until they can find a position in their field. Yet, some of them enjoy the work and the changes that have occurred in the industry, and so they remain. Call centres have become a place for graduates to use their skills over just answering any telephone call about products or services.

There has been an increase in school-related call centres where students can get the support they need for homework and extra tutoring for a fairly decent cost. Students go online with live chat and gain the help they require whether it is math, science, or any other subject. This is another reason that graduates have been able to find jobs in the call centre industry. The changes in the industry have driven them towards a different way of using their education, but still have a rewarding career. Economic difficulties have also helped these individuals find a new way to use their education.

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