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Government Outsourcing Should be More Similar to Businesses

The running of government used to be more similar to businesses, and many are asking that it returns to the same through outsourcing to cities nearby.

Profit in government seems to be viewed as a “bad idea,” yet in the past it was essential for the government to make a profit and to be operated more like a business. There are many who are calling for the government to act more like a business, as it once did. Part of the problem in government is what can be outsourced and what resources are available. According to one expert it is time for the government to outsource services to other cities that may have the resources they need.

The question of what this means is prominent in most minds, and also in an article in the Atlantic. Although the article is referring to the U.S., the same arguments can be applied to the United Kingdom. The UK has already been outsourcing certain services to the public sector in order to find less expensive services. Parking wardens is just one example of an area that has been outsourced.

What this move is implying is that outsourcing needs to be more than telephone answering services at Indian call centres. If a council or borough is lacking a resource then outsourcing it can be most helpful in terms of staff and savings. Savings are certainly a priority in any business, even in a government run organisation such as a local council that is trying to keep the streets clean and well protected by staff that care.

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