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GoResponse is the Fastest Growing Company in the Telephone Answering Sector

According to the latest Plimsoll Analysis, GoResponse is evaluated as number one for sales growth in the Telephone Answering Service Sector, out of 51 prominent companies.

The Report is independently created by Plimsoll Publishing Limited and provides detailed and summary overviews of financial performances of companies within business sectors utilising all financial information available.

The report also shows, despite being relatively young in comparison to many of the other telephone answering providers analysed, that GoResponse is in the Top Ten for market share in the UK.

GoResponse was founded in late 2003 and today has a 24/7 Kent based 50 seat call centre employing over 80 people and as of late 2008, a centre based in Spain providing multi-lingual call handling. Clients range in size from small operators right through to many household names in the e-commerce, mail order, retail, DRTV, gaming, health & leisure and service sectors.

Mark Kirby, founder and Managing Director commented on this latest research “When I look back to October 2003 when the company was formed with a website, one operator and someone to cover her lunch-hour, it is sobering to see independent research showing the impact that we have made in this sector five years on. I have a very passionate and professional team that deserve the recognition that these results provide.”

In revealing why GoResponse has made such an impact within this sector Mr Kirby shared “From day one we took the view of looking at the business from the outside in – from what our customer would experience. ‘Does the website help inform me? Do the people I deal with understand me? Can they deliver the promise and make it easy for me to see the results?’ In my experience customers want to know that we connect with the result that they are after and have the agility and dynamism in both the team and systems to deliver. I would almost see us more as a consultancy that happens to provide call handling. It is a ‘Big Ask’ for any company to hand over their call handling to an outsourced provider, whether it is one call a day or a thousand, so we need to make best efforts to understand more about the client than just how they want their calls answered.”

In summary Mr Kirby added “Growth is great, but I am more concerned that we match growth with a continued and even improved customer experience. These values are easy to provide when you can count your team on one hand, but is the biggest threat to any growing business that can potentially become disconnected with their clients. In these challenging economic times, although we are still experiencing growth, we have made a conscious decision to sacrifice increased profit for investment into more customer service, training and improved systems.”

Glen Blow
Business Development Director
GoResponse Ltd

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