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Good ways to maximise outbound contact efficiency

close up shot of human finger pressing landline phone numberAll telephone answering services have to make outbound contact at some time. This might not necessarily be cold calling; it could relate to call backs, upselling, or even providing customers with additional information on previously purchased products and services. For call centres, it is important to get as many of these outbound calls answered as possible. Therefore, a variety of strategies should be utilised.

First, it is vital to maximise initial connection rates. Many people screen their calls, especially when it comes to unknown numbers, so using a mobile number presentation can boost contact rates. Using a local number can have a similar effect, allowing agents to actually talk to customers. In addition, it’s important to utilise a variety of different contact channels so that if someone can’t be contacted by phone, other options are available. For example, an SMS can be sent to customers first, making them more receptive to a phone call. Likewise, online contact via social media can be a good way to start the initial conversation.

Finally, although agents might be concentrating on outbound calls, it is vital not to lose track of inbound calls, particularly because many of these contacts might be from people who have received missed calls. Customers might be far more open to sales chatter if they’ve taken the time to call back, so paying attention to inbound traffic is essential.

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