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Good customer service unveils more customer details

In a new survey, it has been revealed that customers are happier to reveal more personal details if they have received good customer service.  For call centres wanting to bolster their customer information, providing top customer care will put callers at ease, often resulting in people giving up their privacy.

Telephone answering services often rely on having as much personal data as possible so they can carefully target consumers with the right products and campaigns.  As such, it is important for callers to give out as many of their details as possible.  In a survey that was commissioned by Infosys, it was shown that 91% of people are happy sharing details with doctors.  Meanwhile, 74% and 69% of people did not mind sharing private details with banks and retailers respectively.

One of the key findings from the data, particularly in relation to retail, is that consumers expect retailers to understand them and target adverts accordingly.  Three quarters of those questioned said that marketing often missed the mark, with 78% suggesting the emails and online campaigns were not targeted to personal tastes.  In addition, 78% of people said they would happily buy from companies again, so long as advertisements were targeted towards their interests and needs.

The important findings for call centres is that shoppers want to be carefully targeted, but can be wary of giving out personal data.  Therefore, top customer service is needed to make people feel comfortable, after which, insights into people’s lives can be discovered to facilitate better marketing.

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