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Global demand for call centres improves security

There has been a lot of talk about the disadvantages of outsourcing in the past, and one of those concerns has always been security. Now, with more than a 67% increase expected in the industry for the next eight years, call centres are stepping up. We saw in 2011 that India and China were in the midst of changing their data policies whereby no information can be shared out of the country. However, this may have seemed like a downside, given that call centres tend to gain data from the clients and it can be used in marketing campaigns.
The good news is that if the information is immediately placed in the cloud file that belongs to the company, and not the telephone answering service, it means that the data is the property of the company and not the call centre. It stops the information from being held back, but also makes certain that any data cannot be shared.
Call centres are working diligently to reinforce the security measures they have in place. The challenge is in the acquisition process for most companies. It is also in hiring trustworthy employees. Employees that are trained for call centres are easy to find. It is the issue of trusting those that are found. Call centres are working on that issue around the globe to avoid unnecessary risks. With more centres in the UK it is also easier to hire in country and avoid places that have high rates of crime regarding data theft.

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