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Getting the right cold call opener is essential for call centres

Whilst many telephone answering services are in place to deal only with incoming traffic, many call centres exist to cold call customers in an attempt to sell products or services. Many of these calls are actually welcomed by consumers, as they offer people the chance to access products they would not ordinarily know about; however, to increase the effectiveness of cold calling, using the correct opener is essential.

Making a call to an unsuspecting customer is difficult, and agents need to ensure that they immediately grab people’s attention. There are several important pointers to remember when opening calls, and the best agents always use polite, upbeat and rewarding language. For example, telling a customer “I know you’re busy but…” is a line that must be avoided. In this scenario, agents are effectively telling people that they are too busy to listen and there is a likelihood that consumers won’t then talk even if they are free. Meanwhile, opening with an “I’m not selling anything…” starter instantly feels like a lie and can turn consumers off.

The best examples of cold calling starters use positive language, ask people if they are free for a couple of minutes, and offer people a hook, such as “I have an offer for you that you might be interested in…”.

Call centres often get bad press, but there is nothing to stop agents actually being of great help to consumers, even if they are cold calling. By opening calls in a positive way, companies can see an increase in business

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