GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Getting the right call recording solution is essential

Call centres can rely heavily on their call recording solutions, particularly when it comes to remaining compliant with industry rules and regulations. For telephone answering services on the lookout for a new piece of technology, there are some important points to be guided by.

First, in modern office environments, it is essential for call recording solutions to feature advanced search abilities so agent IDs can be found. In free-seating environments, it’s harder than ever to track down recordings, and more is needed than the date, time and extension. Therefore, having better options to search for data is extremely important.

With so much sensitive data flowing through modern call recording technology, it’s also a good idea to use a system that allows access rights to specific people. For example, agents should be able to access only their own calls for self-evaluation purposes, whilst managers need to be able to check compliance issues easily.

New technology is also likely to need support, and call centres must not forget that not all manufacturers have developed tech support to the same grade as their products. In addition to choosing a product that provides help and support, it is important to match support hours to call centre operating hours. This can help ensure that the help is there when it is needed.

Finally, although call centres are updating their tools, they still need access to older recordings, often for compliance needs. When choosing new solutions, it’s important to ensure that old and new data can be accessed alongside each other to ensure seamless performance.

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