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Generation Y snubbing telephone communication

A new study has found that Generation Y are snubbing telephone communication and preferring to contact call centres in other ways.  Generation Y, those born between the 1980s and the millennium, were found to be embracing newer technologies in the Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report.

In Dimension Data’s survey, it was shown that the use of voice only telephone answering services has dropped to 53.8%, falling from the 69.4% that was noted just one year ago.  Whilst Generation Y is increasingly using social media and electronic messaging applications, Generation X (those born between the 1960s and 1980s) are also noting a narrowing of preference between telephone contact and other modern platforms.

Andrew McNair, the head of global benchmarking at Dimension Data, said: “While the Silent Generation and the Baby Boomers prefer the phone as their most popular channel of engagement with a contact centre (44.7% and 49.4% respectively), the pace of decline in ‘voice only’ contact centres demonstrates the continuing trend to multiskill telephone agents across emerging ‘non-voice’ contact channels.”  He added that Generation Y is the greatest demographic group in the UK since the Baby Boomers.  This means that the preferences of those within the group must not be taken lightly.

For call centres wanting to excel, it will be important to make distinctions between telephone communication and other platforms over the coming years.  With Generation X also embracing newer technology, it seems that voice only call centres may well be a dying breed.

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