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Gamification is more than just an empty buzz word

Business Gears and Gamification MechanismIn the call centre industry, the term “gamification” has been banded around for quite some time now. However, whilst many firms might be happy to ignore this aspect of business operations, gamification can have significant benefits for telephone answering services when it is used effectively.

Gamification is largely used in the call centre sector to boost employee engagement. Many managers might want to implement it, but without properly understanding the term, results can vary. When good returns are not experienced, people might put gamification down to being an empty buzz word. However, this is far from true; when it is used properly, significant benefits can be experienced.

In essence, gamification is when game mechanics and dynamics are applied to real-work processes and tasks. It is also requires a change in thinking, which is why it may fail in some circumstances. By applying a gaming aspect to everyday tasks, call centres can reduce both absenteeism and attrition rates because agents are more engaged with a firm and are therefore more satisfied.

For example, using the gamification method, staff members could be rewarded for picking up a certain number of calls or reaching a particular customer care quality threshold. A variety of prizes might be on offer, including both physical gifts and employee perks such as an early finish.

When gamification is used correctly, call centres can not only boost the morale of their staff, but they can also enjoy financial savings. This is an approach that deserves some serious consideration.

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