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Gain customer loyalty through positive company values

Smiling call centre agent wearing a headset in creative officeCustomer loyalty can be a hard thing to hold onto in an era when it has become so easy for people to switch services, products and brands. As always, it is in a call centre’s interest to hold onto as many consumers as possible despite the associated challenges. For companies that want to retain their customers and create positive branding, instilling good values amongst employees is essential.

Any telephone answering services that want to provide high-quality customer care need to take the entire chain of service into account. Although it might be unseen, this chain runs through an entire organisation and is influenced by a company’s culture. It is also only as strong as its weakest link, a factor that means call centre managers need to keep constant vigilance if they want to ensure the best level of success.

Culture is fundamentally created by the values and morals of employees. Although senior members of staff will have the most influence over how things are done, passive values, such as the way consumers are talked to, will be affected by those on the frontline.

Positive culture includes the need for open communication where everyone has the confidence to speak up. When positive values are upheld, all staff members benefit as a result, and feelings of cooperation and rapport increase. This positive flow of information will almost certainly influence how employees feel about their workplace, and it is likely to eventually change how they interact with consumers.

The importance of having positive values must not be forgotten for call centres. When boosting customer care quality, building internal culture can be the first step towards gaining customer loyalty.

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