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G-Cloud 8 delivers customer engagement from Interactive Intelligence

Cloud computing concept: Cloud and Cloud Software with optical gInteractive Intelligence, a firm specialising in customer engagement solutions, has said that its tools are now available on the G-Cloud 8 platform. This means that organisations and call centres across the public sector will now be able to note reduced costs, increased IT efficiencies and quicker returns on investment (ROI). In addition, companies will be able to better interact with members of the public.

Having access to customer engagement tools is crucial for telephone answering services at a time when citizens are demanding better experiences than ever. Now, the public sector can leverage the power of CaaS and PureCloud Engage on a pay-as-you-use basis, allowing firms to utilise the tools as and when they are needed. This flexibility makes it easy to scale use whilst also keeping costs under control. It also means that long and drawn-out contracts can be avoided, helping to boost ROI rates.

Interactive Intelligence’s President of Europe, Middle East and Asia, Richard Brown, said: “Businesses and public sector organisations are all looking at cloud services as a way to more efficiently run their IT operations and cut costs. Our solutions, available on G-Cloud 8 shows the public sector how to achieve these benefits while more effectively engaging with citizens.”

Launched in September 2015, PureCloud Engage harnesses the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to offer microservice architecture so that multiple applications and tools can be accessed. Interactive Intelligence’s CaaS is a single-tenant, private and all-in-one omnichannel experience that can be used by large call centres to boost customer engagement.


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