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Future-proof the contact centre by embracing new channels

Depositphotos_66534619_m-2015Customer services continues to change and evolve rapidly, forcing many call centres to play catch-up. Companies should be asking themselves if they are truly giving their customers what they want. With consumers demanding more options when it comes to contact platforms, it really is essential for telephone answering services to future-proof business by diversifying channels.

The days of traditional communication channels have certainly passed, and whilst people still regard the telephone as an essential platform, an increasing number of customers want to use channels like email, webchat, social media and SMS. Chat applications are on the rise, and because they are downloaded to mobile devices, people want instantaneous answers wherever they are. For a simple problem, they might require a quick solution. For more complex tasks, however, software that allows a customer services ticket to be initiated can offer gratification.

As the number of channels increases, so does the necessity to develop a streamlined and efficient omnichannel experience. This allows consumers to move between channels without call centres having to ask for repeated information and data. Proactive consumer engagement is a must to effectively map people’s journey through various platforms to provide continuity and optimised services.

For call centres that continue to rely on traditional channels alone, the future is likely to become increasingly difficult. Consumers want instant options and answers, and channel diversification has to be used. When this is done right, it can bring benefits to both customer and business.

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