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Future of Call Centres

None of us can (sadly) predict the future; if we could we’d all be sipping champagne on the deck of our new yacht thanks to the National Lottery; but there are ways of predicting changes or developments within an industry without the prerequisite of a crystal ball. One of these is the good old survey!

A recent survey conducted by ICMI quizzed over 500 call centre professionals, hailing from over 20 countries, covering over two-dozen industries, to measure current investment trends and future goals throughout the World of the Call Centre.

One of the highest results identified was that 70% of respondents see “meeting service level agreements” as a measure of success. 25% of respondents have also indicated experiencing customer attrition; at Go Response we’re pleased to be in the other 75% on that one!

One of the challenges identified by the survey, with a high score of 69.8% of respondents agreeing, is increased complexity of their roles due to the rapid growth of new channels and multi-channel customers. At Go Response we ensure all of our staff our fully trained on all our telephone answering services ensuring they do not fall into that camp and are confident in performing their job.

Here are the key findings from the survey. Each priority topic were given a score out of 5…

  • Customer satisfaction was identified as the most important priority, earning an average rating of 3.86 out of 5 in the survey.
  • Increasing agent productivity and meeting service level agreements both placed at 3.56/5.
  • Increased sales and profitability scored 3.35/5.
  • Lower operating costs scored 3.3/5.
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