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Future consumer engagement demands next-gen technology

Smiling assistant using a headsetThe ways that call centres interact with consumers have grown and evolved considerably over the past few years, and providing only the traditional phone call conversation is no longer enough. In the modern age, brands must offer contact through multiple platforms if they want to satisfy customers’ appetites. Interactive Intelligence’s PureCloud Engage is one tool that provides next-gen technology to cope with the latest consumer demands.

Customer engagement has grown from the necessity for people to contact their favourite brands through a medium of their choice, whether this is email, webchat or social media. Engaging with people, therefore, becomes more about the technology at a telephone answering service’s disposal than the social skills of its agents. In the call centre, employees need to have a full picture at their fingertips to best interact with customers.

Using cloud technology like PureCloud Engage can give businesses the chance to provide agents with a single view of all channels so they are better able to meet people’s expectations. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus are more easily mapped out as they are made more visual, whilst the feature also saves times for customers and agents. The integration of social media channels means that direct responses from agents can be offered, whilst graphical scripting allows brands to make real connections.

In order to boost positive engagement, it is essential for brands to rise to the demands of consumers. With these requirements higher than ever before, it is crucial to utilise next-gen tools to provide efficiency, cost savings and streamlining.

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