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Future call centre headsets to facilitate mobile work

As many areas of technology continue to bring science fiction into modern life, many call centres are looking for ways in which they can better their business.  One area that is likely to see a huge change is headsets.  Therefore, for telephone answering services wanting to stay on the cutting edge of new gadgetry, forward advances in headset technology are likely to lead to more agile working.

Traditionally, headsets have been devices that required being plugged into phone lines to enable communication with callers.  Gradually, the options available have become wireless enabled and better equipped with features so as to drown out background noise and make conversation easier and clearer.

As technology continues, agents are likely to become even more mobile as they are able to step away from desks and utilise virtual screens within their headset to conduct work.  Whilst the call centre is unlikely to disappear completely, these newer headsets will promote the use of homeworkers, allowing companies to access the best and most skilled agents from across the world.  In addition, with managers able to manage workers remotely by knowing whether or not their headsets are in use, this will help firms become more efficient.  It is expected, therefore, that within the space of only a decade, call centres will be completely revolutionised by new headsets.  With headsets equipped to manage the flow of information, whilst providing executives with a remote way of managing their team, performance and efficiency are likely to increase.

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