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Future call centre environment to become increasingly flexible

Touch screenModern technology has changed many things for businesses and allows companies to have more information and greater flexibility at their disposal than ever before. For call centres focused on developing their operations to the next stage, it is a good idea to look at the working environment because it is set to change considerably over the coming years.

To meet worker expectations and ensure that high morale is maintained, it is becoming more important for telephone answering services to focus on the physical aspects of a call centre. The layout and structure of contact centres is changing, with more businesses focusing on self-organisation when it comes to how and where agents work.

Open plan office spaces have been prevalent for many years. However, wireless headsets, desktop computers, and gadgets like tablets and laptops are now giving agents the freedom to choose where they work, whether it is in a soundproof booth or a lounge-style area.

Even though this might sound inefficient, call centres are using this method to promote peer training and knowledge sharing amongst agents. This is particularly useful when helping new starters learn the ropes.

This self-organisation is also making its way into many contact centres’ HR policies. With more responsibilities and trust being given to agents, businesses can achieve reduced absences, better staff satisfaction, and a higher quality of customer care. HR duties are reduced as agents can plan their own shifts and holidays with online tools.

Staying on the leading edge of trends is important for firms, particularly if they are to meet the expectations of both staff and consumers. As a result, the traditional call centre office is set to change in coming years.

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