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Fuel better feedback with customer survey completion

Feedback ConceptOne of the best ways for organisations to get great feedback is to use customer surveys. However, actually getting people to complete these surveys can be a challenge, and even those who start responding do not always get to the last question. There are several steps firms can take to ensure success with surveys.

First, one of the best ways to ensure telephone answering services get as much feedback as possible is to keep the questions extremely simple. Jargon and complicated words need to be left out. Language should be direct to avoid confusing respondents or wasting their time. Options need to be limited to reduce the variety of answers, whilst overlapping options, such as age ranges, should be avoided.

It is also important to consider where customers can be found. For example, call centres will not get as much feedback if they only send surveys out to consumers via email when people have contacted them over social media. Surveys need to be disseminated across multiple platforms to boost the chances of consumers taking the time to complete them.

Finally, it is extremely important to make customers understand what a survey involves before they have even answered the first question. Individuals need to be aware of how long it will take them, what the results will be used for, and why a questionnaire is being used in the first place. This helps manage people’s expectations, encouraging respondents to complete an entire survey and provide feedback that can be used to fuel positive business changes.

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