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Frontline agents are a valuable intelligence source

Telephone ServiceFor many call centres, a high priority is placed on data collation and information analysis. However, some companies might forget to gain insights from one obvious source: frontline agents. As part of their role, telephone answering services staff members talk to customers on a daily basis. This means they’re in a prime position to offer some real feedback and intelligence on their job roles as well as the customers.

At their heart, call centres are focussed on people, with 90 per cent of expenses used for salaries. On top of that, the bulk of people’s workload is focussed on the customer, whilst managerial effort is used to optimise staff. Agents manning the phones and other channels, such as social media and webchat act as brand guardians and gather a lot of intelligence, even if they don’t realise it.

This untapped source of information can be extremely valuable to call centres. The insights offered by those working on the frontline can often provide real evidence to back operational change; these are decisions that could benefit the company and its customers. However, it’s crucial that businesses don’t try to gather this data with a generic and corporate survey. This can miss the depth of the intelligence offered. Instead, managers need to listen to agents properly so they can discern how their jobs might be hindered and what could be affecting customer branding. With this knowledge, the decision-making process can be supported, helping to boost branding, productivity and performance.

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